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Installation Guide for Freeze Greetings

Just follow these simple and easy steps to have your Greeting card script up and running:
Step 1: Upload all the files on to your server.
Step 2: Set the permission of expire.txt, pwd.txt, events.txt, file.txt and directory "dt" to CHMOD 777 (Tell me what is chmod 777).
Thats all, installation is finished, to see your script running just follow the URL:

For Administration:
To open the admin panel, use the following URL:
Login using administrator
To add a greeting card, Click Add Greeting Card, give the path to the thumbnail and the e-card (image or flash file), you may add music or leave it blank for none, add the category in which you want this e-card to be appeared, it is case sensetive.
Edit category.php to change/add the categories.

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